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Reading UK Car Hire For Weddings

Jan 30

Getting a Reading UK car hire for your wedding is an important step in planning your big day. Not only will you want to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape, but you also need to make sure you book the right type of vehicle for the occasion.

Vintage wedding cars

Adding a vintage touch to your wedding may be the perfect way to set the mood. The right vintage car will make for amazing pictures, and will set the mood for your big day.

Adding a vintage touch can also add a unique twist to your wedding. Vintage cars can be painted in the colours of your choice, or you can use different materials to add a bit of flair.

Vintage decor can be used in conjunction with contemporary decor, or can be used alone to create a quaint, romantic setting. If you have a vintage theme, you may consider using birdcages, which are easy to hang. You can add a wreath of flowers to the inside of the birdcage or decorate the front of it with a ribbon.

Birdcages are often available for hire at wedding venues. They make great hanging decorations and are ideal for wedding table decorations. You can decorate the birdcage with candles, flowers, or other decorative items. They are also very popular for fans of the vintage theme.

If you want to decorate your car, you can use ribbon, tulle, colourful balloons, and tissue paper flowers. You can also use "getaway car" balloons to tuck inside the car. You can even hang an organza decoration with faux white roses from the trunk or door handles.

Crowne Plaza Reading

Located on the banks of the Thames, the Crowne Plaza Reading boasts some pretty spectacular views. Aside from its snazzy reception and dinner facilities, the hotel offers some of the best hotel wedding car hire in the region. From elegantly appointed suites to deluxe executive rooms, the hotel caters to all kinds of discerning travellers.

The hotel also offers two honeymoon suites to make your stay a swoon worthy experience. The hotel boasts a spa and gym, with an impressive 19m indoor pool. The hotel also boasts one of the largest ballrooms in the area, with over 266 units in total. The hotel also features a handful of restaurants and bars, as well as a state of the art fitness centre, with free wi-fi in the public areas.

The hotel also offers a small smattering of boutique style rooms. The hotel's flagship suite, the Buckingham suite, is the epitome of contemporary elegance. The Buckingham suite features luxurious King beds, high speed wi-fi and multiple built-in electronic screens. As for the bathroom, the hotel's Speakman shower heads and Beekman bath amenities are sure to please. Moreover, the hotel offers a free sleep amenity kit. And, for those looking for something a little more formal, the hotel has a range of conference and meeting spaces.

Great House at Sonning

Located in a small conservation village on the banks of the Thames, the Great House at Sonning is the perfect place to celebrate your nuptials. The venue has two luxury suites, a large courtyard and a swimming pool, and is just a short stroll from Sonning's famed pubs and restaurants. The hotel also offers free champagne and can arrange for a chauffeured car to be deposited at your front door for your big day. Aside from the hotel's many amenities, the best part is that the staff are just as helpful. If you need to get a little closer to the action, the hotel also offers a shuttle to Reading train station and the nearby town of Dunsden.

The Great House at Sonning is also home to the town's only ginormous gyroscope, a parrot, and a natty new restaurant, all of which add up to a nice day out. The hotel also offers a free glass of bubbly for your guests, a free Wi-Fi connection and a complimentary breakfast. The hotel also boasts a small but well-stocked library, a small but interesting museum, and a good selection of branded and non-branded souvenirs. The hotel's other major draw is its proximity to Reading, which means you are in prime position to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of a capital city.


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